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Vacuum Pack Sealer Machine for Dry & Moist Foods Preservation 90kg

SKU LSM-400L/400LF

Great Functionality. Vacuum pack sealing machine has a controlled heat-seal timer and automatic over-heat warming indicator. The machine is energy efficient, compact  in quality and is very simple to operate. It can seal composite plastic food bags made of foil and/or wax paper. This machine has been examined by experts and found to be superior to similar machines around the world in quality and operation.

Dry Wet Amphibious. Support dry wet button switch, break the limitation of the majority on the market can only dry and wet effect is good.

Food Preserver. With its sleek, straightforward design, the compact appliance effectively removes air from inside a bag, then uses heat to create a reliable seal, which means stored food not only takes up less space in the fridge, freezer, or pantry, but it also stays fresh for longer compared to traditional storage methods (like zipper bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and bulky containers)

High Quality. It can eliminate freezer burn on frozen food items and maintain food taste. Whether portioning food after buying in bulk, planning meals for the week ahead, or storing leftovers from dinner, the vacuum sealer helps preserve the taste and healthy nutrients of all your favorite foods. Use it to store fresh summer fruits and vegetables, cuts of meat, freshly caught fish, shredded or blocks of cheese, or dry goods like party crackers or homemade cookies. It can even be used to vacuum seal important documents, jewelry, silverware, and other household items. This Vacuum Pack Sealer Machine makes your life better.

Power : 220V +/-10%, 1⌀ 50/60Hz
Power Factor : 0.9KW
Chamber size : L550 x W420 x H130 mm
Machine size : L610 x W520 xH860 mm
Sealing length : 400mm ( 15.7" ) Neptune 16L 
Sealing length : 530mm ( 20.8" ) Neptune 16LF
Material : stainless ( 1.2mm for body, 3mm for Tank ) 
Vacuum capacity : Taiwan Brand 1HP : 20m3/Hour/50Hz 
G.W. : 90 KG 
*** Digital control with 10 programs