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Double Hopper 50g Powder Filler Machine

SKU Double Hopper 50g

Wide Application. Suitable for filling dry and mobile PARTICLES(Φ1.2--20mm), such as round tea(leaf-like tea is not suitable), grains, beans, seeds, fruit, preserved fruit, spices, electronic components, diamond, small hardware, plastic beads and so on. It can also deal with powders: flour, milk powder, coffee powder, chemical powder and any. Not suitable for steel beads, ceramic beads, wet materials. 

Quick Filling. There is a vibrator inside the machine which fasten the filling speed and make the filling material do not stick to each other to influence the accuracy. There is an infrared inductive head under the outlet so when you put a bag under the outlet, the filling materials will come out automatically. The inlet valve on the hopper can control the particle amount to ensure accuracy.

Very Easy to Clean. The upper lid of the filling machine can be taken off by opening the lock. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, a food-grade material, resistant to corrosion, rust, acid and alkali. Unlock the buckles to do a inner cleaning.

Quick and Accurate Filling. Through efficient vibration, the vibrator inside the machine fastens the filling speed and makes the filling material smoothly flow and do not stick to each other. Improve the filling accuracy.

Intelligent Control Panel. High-accuracy microcomputer control system makes the weighing and filling process scientific and less error. High-power vibrator of the body make the filling material flow smoothly.

ITEM CODE: Double Hopper 50g