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Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer Machine


The LSM-1000LW is a new generation continuous band sealing machine that can provide heat sealing for most food-grade plastic bags and equipped with ink roll for letter coding functionality. It comes with adjustable sealing speed and wide temperature control that is suitable for a wide range of packaging bags. 

Measurements: 400mm(W) x 920mm(L) x 410mm(H) 
Supply Voltage: 220V, 50Hz 
Motor Power: 80W 
Lettering Electric Power: 60W x 2 
Sealing Linear Velocity: 0 - 16 (0 - 25) 
Sealing Width: 5 - 12 
Operating Temperature: 0 - 400 
Printing: Solid Ink Roller 
Conveying piece maximum load weight: < 2.5kg 
Conveying machine total load weight: < 7.5kg 
Net Machine Weight: 32kg