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Table Top Pop-corn Machine with Authentic Design


Authentic Popcorn Machine. The Popcorn Making Machine aka Popcorn Poppers is an authentic oil-based small popcorn maker for home kitchens and domestic use. Add a spoonful of corn kernel (maize), a small block of butter / scoop of cooking oil, sprinkle a little sugar / salt and your home-made popcorn is now ready to serve! If you're looking popcorn maker that can produce 'REAL' popcorns which are really aromatic and crispy; tastes similar (or even better) than those popcorn sold in Cinemas, Funfair and various events - Get this model today! This is not the hot air-type popcorn maker for small children and kids to play at home. This is the REAL popcorn poppers that can produce tasty and various flavours of popcorns.

Top Quality. Fashioned with authentic antique style updated with modern features, this attractive popcorn machine not only offers visual appeal but lasting durability. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, a whisper-quiet motor, 850 watts of power, and premium paint with a glossy finish, this machine's industry-leading 10-oz. kettle serves up to 4 gallons of popcorn per batch. 

Easy 3-Switch Design. Operation is simple with a 3-switch design, making popping fast and convenient. Switches include a spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater.

Tempered Safety Glass. High-quality, tempered glass walls provide both protection and sturdiness, with superior resistance against scratching and warping. The popcorn machine is shipped with double wall stock and extra padding to ensure safe delivery.

Warning Deck & Kernel Tray. Built-in warming deck and heat light are just like a professional-grade popcorn machine, keeping popcorn warm and fresh. The machine also features a reject kernel tray for any loose un-popped kernels, ensuring every batch is served up perfectly.

Dimension: 43.5 CM (L) x 36 CM (W) x 65 CM (H)
Power: 220V 50 HZ 3 Pin Plug
Colour: Red